Well, folks. It was fun while it lasted.

As you can see, not much has been happening on this blog lately.

There are several reasons for this, but I will only hit on a couple:

First: It's amazing how much can change in a couple of months--both in our personal lives and on the writing front. A couple of us have signed publishing contracts, and so the need to write, edit, market, promote HAD to take preference over this blog and the services we were providing.

Second: Running this blog, critiquing submissions, providing feedback...well, that's a LOT of dang work. We weren't getting paid for this service. We had a concept and we went with it--for free--not realizing how much time it would involve with very little (nothing) in return for our effort.

Third: Probably the biggest factor that made us come to this decision, was the fact that a good portion of the submissions we received just weren't ready. They needed more revision. We were wanting to give out reviews on AMAZING, fully complete, well edited novels. 90% of what we received didn't come close.

So we've shut it down. We've moved on.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

How Does a Muse Hire a Babysitter?

Posted by Ready, Aim, Hook Me at 7:48 AM
You may have already heard the concept of filling out a character interview to bring out the depth and motivation of your character. Those nifty little questionnairs can really help bring an otherwise flat character into three dimensional, jump off the page form. It's amazing what you can find out when you simply ask them.
As a fun twist I decided to invite my good friend Tobin to the Hook Me blog today.

Tobin: Easy sister, We're not that good of friends... And did you seriously just use the word "nifty"?
How old are you again?
Kacey: Don't mind him. He's still pissed because of his little flesh wound at the end of book one.

Tobin: Flesh wound? You call this a flesh wound?! Come over here and I'll show you a flesh wound. I'll make us a matching pair. How does that sound, FRIEND?

Kacey: Tobin, focus please.
As I was about to say, our little Muse friend here seems to think he's got a pretty good handle on people.

Who can blame him really, with his ability to see into the human soul with deadly accuracy. But now that he's laid up in bed with nothing to do, his hired help is getting on his nerves.
Tobin's decided to fire his staff and hire himself--and this is the part that baffles me-- a babysitter.

Tobin: What's so baffling? I'm hiring a babe that will sit anywhere I ask her to. Mostly on my lap.

Kacey: I think you're a little confused at the job description, but we're getting off the subject. Tobin here managed to swipe--

Tobin: Borrow

Kacey: Oh-kay borrow  his brother's employment requirements for when he hired his nanny and now Tobin's making a few adjustments.

So lets get into this Muse’s head. Lets find out how a muse shops for his own babysitter.
Tobin: All right, but I'm letting you know right now, this is going to cost you...
Question number one: No one is above my influence. When I say jump, you...

Kacey: Ask how high?

Tobin: No. Not even close. Don't talk, just jump. Muses are all about visual stimulation, not chatter. And did I mention push-up bras are a dress code requirement?
You're fired by the way.
Next question: Women fall at my feet on a regular basis. How do you avoid violating our business relationship.
Kacey: I--

Tobin: Upupup! You see that right there? See how you're opening your mouth?
Again. No yapping. just doing. It's perfectly natural to fall at my feet, on your back, or in any other compromising position. I'm hiring you to sit on my lap, woman. It would take an awful lot to violate a business relationship like that.  Something like, oh, I don't know, a FLESH WOUND!

Kacey: You're just not going to let that go, are you?

Tobin: Shut up.Next question: I feed on the human soul. I'm always hungry for my next meal. How do you keep me nourished?
Kacey: *shakes her head*
Tobin: Oh?...  what is this? Look at this, ladies and gentleman she is learning.The author can be taught. Just look at those pursed lips. Lovin the pout Kacey, really. You're almost back into my good graces. Just do me one more favor...
Kacey: What kind of favor?
Tobin: Jump up and down.


Sandy L. Rowland on August 29, 2011 at 8:19 AM said...

Love it! I'm laughing here.
Very fun.
Great characters, as always.

Jewel's Gems on August 29, 2011 at 8:37 AM said...

I love it! Too funny:-)

J. Coleman on August 29, 2011 at 10:14 AM said...

Ha! Sorry, but you can't blame the guy, really. I mean we all know what babies men can be when they get an "owie." Oh, and how they think? Obviously, they only use the brain encased within the skull as a back-up, in case the "other" fails to get them the response they want. Did I just say that??

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